Dragons (Ages 5-6)

Tae Kwon Do

Students will be taught the basic philosophy of Tae Kwon Do. Dojang behavior is stressed and belts are earned through class participation, performance, and completion of belt requirements. More emphasis is placed on the mental aspect of Tae Kwon Do – Respect, Courtesy, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Hiawatha's Martial Arts & Fitness Dragons Program

Discipline and Respect

Unlike all other athletic activities, martial arts focus on teaching life lessons just as much as they focus on teaching physical skills. Though its exact origins are not completely determined, Tae Kwon Do is believed to have been around for thousands of years. Historically, this discipline didn’t just focus on the physical. It focused on the mental and emotional as well. Tae Kwon Do requires students to demonstrate discipline and respect both in and out of the dojo. This means paying attention in class, referring to your instructors with the correct terminology, practicing at home, and respecting your parents and elders. At Hiawatha’s Martial Arts & Fitness, we aren’t just creating amazing martial artists, we’re creating amazing people.

Instills Confidence

With the overwhelming presence of social and mass media, it’s harder than ever for young people to achieve confidence. That’s why Hiawatha’s Martial Arts & Fitness is so passionate about cultivating the self-esteem of each one of our students. The martial arts provide children with impressive new skills, an outlet for self-expression, increased physical fitness, and self-defense training. Hiawatha’s Martial Arts & Fitness has used our martial arts instruction to change the lives of thousands of students, and we want your child to be next.

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