Tae Kwon Do & MMA

This program is a fun and exciting (or energetic) class designed to improve your fitness level while learning basic MMA techniques. Each class begins with a warm-up of stretches and calisthenics, then proceeds to striking and kicking a free-standing heavy bag. The class finishes with a relaxing stretch. It’s a great way to start your day! Students will participate in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Boxing, and Brazilian Jujitsu (striking, grappling, stand-up techniques with take-down defense, submissions & escapes).

Hiawatha's Martial Arts & Fitness
Tae Kwon Do & MMA Program

Challenging Curriculum

In our adults class, students are expected to push themselves. We will focus on more challenging moves, memorize new terminology, master self defense skills, and perfect your forms. But let us make one thing clear – we don’t expect students to ace these tricky techniques on their first try. At Hiawatha’s Martial Arts & Fitness, our instructors foster a classroom setting that prioritizes gradual and careful growth. With every new move, technique is king. Hiawatha’s Martial Arts & Fitness teaches Tae Kwon Do in a way that protects students from injury and emphasizes individual responsibility.

Building on the Basics

While you may be learning fancy new techniques, that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting away from the basics any time soon. In fact, our advanced students probably spend more time perfecting those seemingly “simple” moves than anyone else at Hiawatha’s Mrtial Arts & Fitness. Our school believes that as students advance in ability, they must constantly strengthen their foundational skills. No matter how amazing your roundhouse kick may be, there is always room for improvement! Not to mention, by constantly refreshing yourself on the most fundamental moves of Tae Kwon Do, you build important muscle memory – something that could save your life!

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