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Hiawatha’s Martial Arts & Fitness has been changing the lives of athletes for years. Our goal is not only to create the next generation of martial artists, but to build a better world. We cultivate the confidence and skill set of every student that walks through our doors, whether it’s your first class or you’re already a black belt. After going through the Hiawatha’s Martial Arts & Fitness curriculum, you are bound to grow immensely as both a martial artist and a person. We are here to help you with the next step of your journey!

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Hiawatha's Martial Arts Programs

Practicing Martial Arts won’t just change your body – it’ll change your life. Here at Hiawatha’s Martial Arts & Fitness, we believe that Martial Arts is for everyone, no matter your age, background, or previous athletic ability. Our teen and adult classes will teach you how to put power behind your kick, help you perfect your jab technique, and instill a newfound sense of confidence.



Students are working on age-appropriate motor skills, social skills, and self-control. Students are taught Do Jang behavior; disciple, self-control, respect, and focus.

K - 1st Grade


Students will be taught the basic philosophy of Tae Kwon Do. Dojang behavior is stressed and belts are earned through class participation, performance and completion of belt requirements.

2nd - 5th Grade


Hiawatha’s Martial Arts believe in developing the leaders of tomorrow by teaching students life skills in self-discipline, focus, listening, and self-control.

5th - 7th Grade

Hwa Rangs

Classes cover Hyung’s Toigys through Chung Moos (forms). Hapkido, Grappling (ground fighting) and advanced techniques. Belts are received by dedication, training, repetition and prefection of hyungs & martial arts techniques.

7th - 8th Grade


Hiawatha’s for youth is built on the solid principles of our tenets: Honor, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courage, Community, Strength, Humility and Knowledge.



Students will participate in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu (striking, grappling, stand-up techniques with take-down defense, submissions & escapes).

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